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​June 15-17, 2015

​News and Updates

Maps & Apps Contest is NOW OPEN! Deadline to submit is May 29.
Show off your work in our GIS Map Showcase!

Thank you Esri for hosting the Hands-On Learning Lab!

Registration is open through May 29.


About the Conference

Whether you work for a non-profit or in the public or private sector, management of assets or infrastructure continues to be one of the top needs and use of GIS for any organization. Millions of dollars of field assets remain unmapped in Pennsylvania. The infrastructure of the Commonwealth continues to change and the uses of the data that map it have grown significantly in recent years. 

For many, just knowing the location of the asset is not enough. What are the risks associated with the asset? How can we better manage the organization at a facilities level? How can we collect, manage and coordinate this data with others for improved decision making? These are just some of the challenges that GIS professionals and GIS users face today. 

Come join your colleagues and participate in the conversation. The 2015 PA GIS Conference theme will target technical applications and user experiences with asset and infrastructure management. We look forward to seeing you there!

About Us

The 2015 PA GIS Conference is supported by staff of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP). The Planning Committee consists of representatives from the Pennsylvania geospatial community.



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